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しんちょう/shinchou/common shinchou/しんちょう/common伸張 · 伸暢 · 伸長
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. expansion;  extension;  elongation;  stretching;  uncompression

シン/SHIN/    の.びる/no.biru/    の.ばす/no.basu/    の.べる/no.beru/    の.す/シン/    no.biru/の.びる/    no.basu/の.ばす/    no.beru/の.べる/の.す/

expand;  stretch;  extend;  lengthen;  increase

チョウ/CHŌ/    は.る/    -は.り/-ha.ri/    -ば.り/-ba.ri/CHOU/チョウ/は.る/    -ha.ri/-は.り/    -ba.ri/-ば.り/

lengthen;  counter for bows & stringed instruments;  stretch;  spread;  put up (tent)



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