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そうろう/sourou/ · そうらう/sourau/obsolete sourou/そうろう/ · sourau/そうらう/obsolete候ふ · irregular
  • yodan ふ verb (archaic) / intransitive:
    1. 候ふto serve (by a superior's side)  —Archaism.
  • auxiliary verb / yodan ふ verb (archaic):
    1. to be (auxiliary used in place of "aru" after "de" or "ni" when forming a copula);  to do (auxiliary used in place of "-masu" after a -masu stem);  —Polite Language 「丁寧語」.

コウ//    そうろう/sōrō/KOU/コウ/    sourou/そうろう/

climate;  season;  weather



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