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しのぶ/shinobu/common shinobu/しのぶ/common偲ぶ
しのぶおんがく/shinobuongaku/ shinobuongaku/しのぶおんがく/偲ぶ音楽
  • noun:
    1. memorial concert;  memorial music (performance)
しのばれる/shinobareru/ shinobareru/しのばれる/偲ばれる
  • ichidan verb → conjugation / intransitive:
    1. to be brought to mind;  to come to mind;   偲ぶ

サイ/SAI/    /SHI/    しの.ぶ/shino.bu/SAI/サイ/    SHI//    shino.bu/しの.ぶ/

recollect;  remember


Additional translation:

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