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げんそ/genso/common genso/げんそ/common元素 · 原素

ゲン/GEN/    ガン/GAN/    もと/moto/GEN/ゲン/    GAN/ガン/    moto/もと/

beginning;  former time;  origin

/SO/    /SU/    もと/moto/SO//    SU//    moto/もと/

elementary;  principle;  naked;  uncovered

げんそしゅうきりつひょう/gensoshuukiritsuhyou/ gensoshuukiritsuhyou/げんそしゅうきりつひょう/元素周期律表
  • noun:
    1. periodic law  —Obscure term.   周期表
げんそきごう/gensokigou/ gensokigou/げんそきごう/元素記号
  • noun:
    1. chemical symbol (i.e. H for hydrogen, O for oxygen, etc.)
げんそしゅうきりつ/gensoshuukiritsu/ gensoshuukiritsu/げんそしゅうきりつ/元素周期律
  • noun:
    1. periodic table of the elements  —Obscure term.   周期表



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