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ろくがつ/rokugatsu/common rokugatsu/ろくがつ/common六月 · 6月

ロク/ROKU/    リク/RIKU/    /mu/    む.つ/mu.tsu/    むっ.つ/muっ.tsu/    むい/mui/ROKU/ロク/    RIKU/リク/    mu//    mu.tsu/む.つ/    muっ.tsu/むっ.つ/    mui/むい/


ゲツ/GETSU/    ガツ/GATSU/    つき/tsuki/GETSU/ゲツ/    GATSU/ガツ/    tsuki/つき/

month;  moon

ろくがつびょう/rokugatsubyou/ rokugatsubyou/ろくがつびょう/六月病
  • noun:
    1. blues experienced by workplace recruits shortly after beginning work
みなづきばらえ/minadukibarae/ minadukibarae/みなづきばらえ/水無月祓 · 六月祓
  • noun:
    1. summer purification rites (held at shrines on the last day of the 6th lunar month)   夏越しの祓



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