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かりほす/karihosu/ karihosu/かりほす/刈り干す
  • godan す verb → conjugation / transitive:
    1. to cut and dry (in the sun)

ガイ/GAI/    カイ/KAI/    か.る/ガイ/    KAI/カイ/か.る/

reap;  cut;  clip;  trim;  prune

カン/KAN/    ほ.す/    ほ.し-/ho.shi-/    -ぼ.し/-bo.shi/    ひ.る/カン/ほ.す/    ho.shi-/ほ.し-/    -bo.shi/-ぼ.し/ひ.る/

dry;  parch



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