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かち/kachi/common kachi/かち/common勝ち

ショウ/SHŌ/    か.つ/ka.tsu/    -が.ち/-ga.chi/    まさ.る/    すぐ.れる/sugu.reru/    かつ/katsu/SHOU/ショウ/    ka.tsu/か.つ/    -ga.chi/-が.ち/まさ.る/    sugu.reru/すぐ.れる/    katsu/かつ/

victory;  win;  prevail;  excel

かちこし/kachikoshi/common kachikoshi/かちこし/common勝ち越し
  • noun:
    1. more wins than losses (sport)
かちぼし/kachiboshi/common kachiboshi/かちぼし/common勝ち星
  • noun:
    1. (mark indicating) a win
かちまけ/kachimake/common kachimake/かちまけ/common勝ち負け
かちめ/kachime/common kachime/かちめ/common勝ち目
かちき/kachiki/common kachiki/かちき/common勝ち気 · 勝気
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. determined or unyielding spirit
かちなのり/kachinanori/common kachinanori/かちなのり/common勝ち名乗り
  • noun:
    1. being declared the winner of a bout  —Sumo term.
かちみ/kachimi/ kachimi/かちみ/勝ち味
  • noun:
    1. sign of victory
かちっぱなし/kachippanashi/ kachippanashi/かちっぱなし/勝ちっ放し
  • noun:
    1. winning straight victories;  making a clean score
かちぐり/kachiguri/ kachiguri/かちぐり/勝ち栗 · 搗ち栗 · 勝栗 · 搗栗
  • noun:
    1. dried chestnut
かちにげ/kachinige/ kachinige/かちにげ/勝ち逃げ
かちいくさ/kachiikusa/ kachiikusa/かちいくさ/勝ち戦
  • noun:
    1. victory
かちどき/kachidoki/ kachidoki/かちどき/勝ち鬨
  • noun:
    1. shout or cry of victory
かちうま/kachiuma/ kachiuma/かちうま/勝ち馬 · 勝馬
  • noun:
    1. winning horse;  winner
かちどく/kachidoku/ kachidoku/かちどく/勝ち得
  • noun:
    1. win of a low-ranked wrestler in the extra eighth bout in the tournament  —Sumo term.
かちのこり/kachinokori/ kachinokori/かちのこり/勝ち残り
  • noun:
    1. winning wrestler who remains ringside in case his involvement is needed in pre-bout rituals  —Sumo term.
かちぬきせん/kachinukisen/ kachinukisen/かちぬきせん/勝ち抜き戦
  • noun:
    1. tournament;  knockout competition
かちぐみ/kachigumi/ kachigumi/かちぐみ/勝ち組 · 勝ち組み · 徒組
  • noun:
    1. winners (those who have succeeded socially, economically, etc.)   負け組
かちとうしゅ/kachitoushu/ kachitoushu/かちとうしゅ/勝ち投手 · 勝投手



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