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Showing entries with nouns only.
つとめ/tsutome/common tsutome/つとめ/common勤め · 務め

キン/KIN/    ゴン/GON/    つと.める/tsuto.meru/    -づと.め/    つと.まる/tsuto.maru/    いそ.しむ/iso.shimu/KIN/キン/    GON/ゴン/    tsuto.meru/つと.める/づと.め/    tsuto.maru/つと.まる/    iso.shimu/いそ.しむ/

diligence;  become employed;  serve

つとめさき/tsutomesaki/common tsutomesaki/つとめさき/common勤め先
つとめにん/tsutomenin/common tsutomenin/つとめにん/common勤め人
  • noun:
    1. office worker;  salaried man;  white-collar worker
つとめぎ/tsutomegi/ tsutomegi/つとめぎ/勤め気
  • noun:
    1. mercenary spirit
つとめぐち/tsutomeguchi/ tsutomeguchi/つとめぐち/勤め口
つとめむき/tsutomemuki/ tsutomemuki/つとめむき/勤め向き
  • noun:
    1. one's business;  one's duties
つとめぶり/tsutomeburi/ tsutomeburi/つとめぶり/勤め振り
  • noun:
    1. assiduity;  conduct
つとめざかり/tsutomezakari/ tsutomezakari/つとめざかり/勤め盛り
  • noun:
    1. the prime of one's career
つとめぼうこう/tsutomeboukou/ tsutomeboukou/つとめぼうこう/勤め奉公
  • noun:
    1. apprenticeship
つとめがえり/tsutomegaeri/ tsutomegaeri/つとめがえり/勤め帰り
  • noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. on the way home from work



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