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たくみ/takumi/common takumi/たくみ/common ·
しょう/shou/ shou/しょう/
  • noun / adjectival noun → conjugation:
    1. workman;  artisan;  mechanic;  carpenter
    2. craft;  skill
    3. means;  idea

ショウ/SHŌ/    たくみ/takumi/SHOU/ショウ/    takumi/たくみ/

artisan;  workman;  carpenter

ししょう/shishou/common shishou/ししょう/common師匠
  • noun:
    1. master;  teacher
    2. coach who owns his stable  —Sumo term.
きょしょう/kyoshou/common kyoshou/きょしょう/common巨匠
いしょう/ishou/common ishou/いしょう/common意匠
  • noun:
    1. design
たかじょう/takajou/common takajou/たかじょう/common鷹匠
  • noun:
    1. falconer;  hawker
がしょう/gashou/ gashou/がしょう/画匠
  • noun:
    1. painter;  artist
こうしょう/koushou/ koushou/こうしょう/工匠
  • noun:
    1. artisan;  mechanic
そうしょう/soushou/ soushou/そうしょう/宗匠
  • noun:
    1. master;  teacher
しょうき/shouki/ shouki/しょうき/匠気
  • noun:
    1. affectation;  desire to be impressive
とうしょう/toushou/ toushou/とうしょう/刀匠
めいしょう/meishou/ meishou/めいしょう/名匠
  • noun:
    1. master craftsman;  skillful worker
がくしょう/gakushou/ gakushou/がくしょう/楽匠
  • noun:
    1. celebrated musician
うしょう/ushou/ · うじょう/ujou/ ushou/うしょう/ · ujou/うじょう/鵜匠
  • noun:
    1. cormorant fisherman
こうぎょういしょう/kougyouishou/ kougyouishou/こうぎょういしょう/工業意匠
  • noun:
    1. industrial design
ししょう/shishou/ shishou/ししょう/梓匠
  • noun:
    1. cabinetmaker;  woodworker
いしょうけん/ishouken/ ishouken/いしょうけん/意匠権
  • noun:
    1. design right;  right(s) to a design
いしょうとうろく/ishoutouroku/ ishoutouroku/いしょうとうろく/意匠登録
  • noun:
    1. registration of a design
いしょうさんたん/ishousantan/ ishousantan/いしょうさんたん/意匠惨憺
  • noun:
    1. taxing one's ingenuity in devising something;  agonizing over designing or creating something;  making strenuous efforts to devise good ways and means to do something
ひだのたくみ/hidanotakumi/ hidanotakumi/ひだのたくみ/飛騨の匠
  • noun:
    1. historical system whereby the Hida region provided 10 carpenters per village the central government in place of taxes
さかしょう/sakashou/ sakashou/さかしょう/酒匠
  • noun:
    1. master of sake;  sake sommelier;   利酒師
がくしょう/gakushou/ gakushou/がくしょう/学匠


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