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Showing entries with nouns only.
さんぱい/sanpai/common sanpai/さんぱい/common参拝

サン/SAN/    シン/SHIN/    まい.る/    まい-/mai-/    まじわる/majiwaru/    みつ/mitsu/SAN/サン/    SHIN/シン/まい.る/    mai-/まい-/    majiwaru/まじわる/    mitsu/みつ/

nonplussed;  three (in documents);  going;  coming;  visiting;  visit;  be defeated;  die;  be madly in love;  participate;  take part in

ハイ/HAI/    おが.む/    おろが.む/ハイ/おが.む/おろが.む/

worship;  adore;  pray to

さんぱいしゃ/sanpaisha/ sanpaisha/さんぱいしゃ/参拝者
  • noun:
    1. worshiper;  pilgrim



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