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こうざ/kouza/common kouza/こうざ/common口座
くちょう/kuchou/common kuchou/くちょう/common口調
こうとう/koutou/common koutou/こうとう/common口頭
こうじつ/koujitsu/common koujitsu/こうじつ/common口実
くちべに/kuchibeni/common kuchibeni/くちべに/common口紅
こうろん/kouron/common kouron/こうろん/common口論
くちび/kuchibi/common kuchibi/くちび/common口火
  • noun:
    1. fuse;  spark plug;  cause (of war);  origin (of a quarrel)
くちぐせ/kuchiguse/common kuchiguse/くちぐせ/common口癖 · 口ぐせ
くちぐち/kuchiguchi/common kuchiguchi/くちぐち/common口々 · 口口
くちさき/kuchisaki/common kuchisaki/くちさき/common口先 · 口さき
くちかず/kuchikazu/common · くちすう/kuchisuu/ kuchikazu/くちかず/common · kuchisuu/くちすう/口数
  • noun:
    1. number of words a person speaks
    2. number of dependents (words, shares, accounts)
こうご/kougo/common kougo/こうご/common口語
こうけい/koukei/common koukei/こうけい/common口径
  • noun:
    1. aperture;  bore;  calibre;  caliber
くちぶえ/kuchibue/common kuchibue/くちぶえ/common口笛
こうじょう/koujou/common koujou/こうじょう/common口上
  • noun:
    1. vocal message;  speech;  statement
    2. prologue at the start of a kabuki performance
こうしゅう/koushuu/common koushuu/こうしゅう/common口臭
こうこう/koukou/common · こうくう/koukuu/ koukou/こうこう/common · koukuu/こうくう/口腔
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. the oral cavity;  mouth cavity  —こうくう is used by medical professionals.
くちうら/kuchiura/common kuchiura/くちうら/common口裏 · 口占 · 口うら
  • noun:
    1. determining a speaker's true or hidden meaning;  determining a speaker's intentions from his manner of speech  —Esp. 口裏.
    2. divining good or bad luck from listening to someone  —Archaism.  Esp. 口占.
こうじゅつ/koujutsu/common koujutsu/こうじゅつ/common口述
こうかく/koukaku/common koukaku/こうかく/common口角
  • noun:
    1. corners of the mouth
こうちゅう/kouchuu/common kouchuu/こうちゅう/common口中
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. interior of the mouth;  oral cavity
くちがね/kuchigane/common kuchigane/くちがね/common口金
  • noun:
    1. (metal) cap
    2. clasp
    3. mouthpiece
    4. socket (for light, etc.)
くちに/kuchini/ kuchini/くちに/口に
  • adverb:
    1. eating;  speaking of;  referring to
こうえん/kouen/ kouen/こうえん/口演
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. oral presentation
こうえん/kouen/ kouen/こうえん/口炎
  • noun:
    1. mouth ulcer;  stomatitis

コウ//    /KU/    くち/kuchi/KOU/コウ/    KU//    kuchi/くち/


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