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みずのえさる/mizunoesaru/ · じんしん/jinshin/ mizunoesaru/みずのえさる/ · jinshin/じんしん/壬申
  • noun:
    1. ninth of the sexagenary cycle   干支[1]

ニン/NIN/    ジン/JIN/    /I/    みずのえ/mizunoe/NIN/ニン/    JIN/ジン/    I//    mizunoe/みずのえ/

9th calendar sign

シン/SHIN/    もう.す/mō.su/    もう.し-/mō.shi-/    さる/saru/SHIN/シン/もう.す/    mou.shi-/もう.し-/    saru/さる/

have the honor to;  sign of the monkey;  3-5PM;  ninth sign of Chinese zodiac

じんしんのらん/jinshinnoran/ jinshinnoran/じんしんのらん/壬申の乱
  • expression / noun:
    1. Jinshin revolt (671CE)



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