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てっぺん/teppen/common · てへん/tehen/obsolete teppen/てっぺん/common · tehen/てへん/obsolete天辺 · 頂辺
てっぺい/teppei/obsolete teppei/てっぺい/obsolete天辺
てんぺん/tenpen/ tenpen/てんぺん/天辺

テン/TEN/    あまつ/amatsu/    あめ/ame/    あま-/ama-/TEN/テン/    amatsu/あまつ/    ame/あめ/    ama-/あま-/

heavens;  sky;  imperial

ヘン/HEN/    あた.り/ata.ri/    ほと.り/hoto.ri/    -べ/-be/HEN/ヘン/    ata.ri/あた.り/    hoto.ri/ほと.り/    -be/-べ/

environs;  boundary;  border;  vicinity

てっぺいおし/teppeioshi/ teppeioshi/てっぺいおし/天辺押し · 天辺押irregular
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. pressing forward without giving a chance to explain  —Archaism.



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