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がくしゃ/gakusha/common gakusha/がくしゃ/common学者

ガク/GAKU/    まな.ぶ/mana.bu/GAKU/ガク/    mana.bu/まな.ぶ/

study;  learning;  science

シャ/SHA/    もの/mono/SHA/シャ/    mono/もの/

someone;  person

がくしゃはだ/gakushahada/ gakushahada/がくしゃはだ/学者肌 · 学者膚
  • noun:
    1. scholarly bent of mind
がくしゃばか/gakushabaka/ gakushabaka/がくしゃばか/学者馬鹿
  • noun:
    1. scholar who knows but little of the ways of the world



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