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じつりょく/jitsuryoku/common jitsuryoku/じつりょく/common実力

ジツ/JITSU/    シツ/SHITSU/    /mi/    みの.る/    まこと/makoto/    まことに/makotoni/    みの/mino/    みち.る/ジツ/    SHITSU/シツ/    mi//みの.る/    makoto/まこと/    makotoni/まことに/    mino/みの/みち.る/

reality;  truth

リョク/RYOKU/    リキ/RIKI/    リイ/RII/    ちから/chikara/RYOKU/リョク/    RIKI/リキ/    RII/リイ/    chikara/ちから/

power;  strength;  strong;  strain;  bear up;  exert

じつりょくこうし/jitsuryokukoushi/common jitsuryokukoushi/じつりょくこうし/common実力行使
  • noun:
    1. use of force
じつりょくしゃ/jitsuryokusha/ jitsuryokusha/じつりょくしゃ/実力者
じつりょくこうい/jitsuryokukoui/ jitsuryokukoui/じつりょくこうい/実力行為
  • noun:
    1. using force
じつりょくはくちゅう/jitsuryokuhakuchuu/ jitsuryokuhakuchuu/じつりょくはくちゅう/実力伯仲
  • noun:
    1. (the two persons' sides) being evenly matched in ability
じつりょくしだい/jitsuryokushidai/ jitsuryokushidai/じつりょくしだい/実力次第
  • noun:
    1. according to (depending on) one's ability;  if one is good (competent, talented) enough
じつりょくほんい/jitsuryokuhon'i/ jitsuryokuhon'i/じつりょくほんい/実力本位
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. the precedence of merit;  performance orientation;  ability- (merit-) based (promotion, pay scale, etc.)
じつりょくしけん/jitsuryokushiken/ jitsuryokushiken/じつりょくしけん/実力試験
  • noun:
    1. proficiency test
じつりょくテスト/jitsuryokuTESUTO/ jitsuryokuTESUTO/じつりょくテスト/実力テスト
  • noun:
    1. proficiency test



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