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たいじ/taiji/common taiji/たいじ/common対峙
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. confrontation;  standing facing each other (e.g. mountains, buildings)
    2. squaring off against (adversaries, armies, forces);  standing off against;  holding one's own with

タイ/TAI/    ツイ/TSUI/    あいて/aite/    こた.える/kota.eru/    そろ.い/soro.i/    つれあ.い/tsurea.i/    なら.ぶ/nara.bu/    むか.う/muka.u/TAI/タイ/    TSUI/ツイ/    aite/あいて/    kota.eru/こた.える/    soro.i/そろ.い/    tsurea.i/つれあ.い/    nara.bu/なら.ぶ/    muka.u/むか.う/

vis-a-vis;  opposite;  even;  equal;  versus;  anti-;  compare

/JI/    そばだ.つ/sobada.tsu/JI//    sobada.tsu/そばだ.つ/

tower;  soar



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