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じょう/jou/ jou/じょう/
  • noun:
    1. folding book
  • suffix / counter:
    1. counter for units of paper and nori (48 pages of Mino paper; 20 pages of hanshi; 10 sheets of nori)
    2. counter for folding books, folding screens, shields, etc.
    3. counter for pairs of curtains
    4. counter for tatami mats   じょう【畳】

チョウ/CHŌ/    ジョウ//    かきもの/kakimono/CHOU/チョウ/    JOU/ジョウ/    kakimono/かきもの/

quire (of paper);  bundle of seaweed;  counter for screens;  notebook

てちょう/techou/common techou/てちょう/common手帳 · 手帖
とりものちょう/torimonochou/common torimonochou/とりものちょう/common捕り物 · 捕物帳 · 捕物帖
  • noun:
    1. detective story (esp. one from the Edo period featuring thief-takers)   目明かし  /  岡っ引き
    2. detective's memoirs;  thief taker's memoirs
いちじょう/ichijou/ ichijou/いちじょう/一帖
  • noun:
    1. quire (of paper)
がじょう/gajou/ gajou/がじょう/画帖
  • noun:
    1. picture album
しゃせいちょう/shaseichou/ shaseichou/しゃせいちょう/写生帖 · 写生帳
  • noun:
    1. sketchbook
きりぬきちょう/kirinukichou/ kirinukichou/きりぬきちょう/切り抜き帳 · 切り抜き帖
  • noun:
    1. scrapbook
ほうじょう/houjou/ houjou/ほうじょう/法帖
  • noun:
    1. copybook printed from the works of old masters of calligraphy
ちょうあい/chouai/ chouai/ちょうあい/帖合
  • noun:
    1. type of commission system in the book industry in Japan
てほんちょう/tehonchou/ tehonchou/てほんちょう/手本帖
  • noun:
    1. book of calligraphy samples;  copybook;  portfolio


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