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ほろ/horo/ horo/ほろ/ · 母衣
  • noun:
    1. canopy (esp. the cloth or canvas used for it);  awning;  top (of a convertible);  hood
    2. helmet cape;  cloth covering one's back to protect against arrows during battle
とばり/tobari/ tobari/とばり/ · · ·

コウ//    ほろ/horo/    とばり/tobari/KOU/コウ/    horo/ほろ/    tobari/とばり/

canopy;  awning;  hood;  curtain

ほろばしゃ/horobasha/ horobasha/ほろばしゃ/幌馬車
  • noun:
    1. covered wagon;  prairie schooner
ほろのべふかちそうけんきゅうセンター/horonobefukachisoukenkyuuSENTAA/ horonobefukachisoukenkyuuSENTAA/ほろのべふかちそうけんきゅうセンター/幌延深地層研究センター
  • noun:
    1. Horonobe Underground Research Center
さっぽろ/sapporo/ sapporo/さっぽろ/札幌
ほろがや/horogaya/ horogaya/ほろがや/幌蚊帳 · 母衣蚊帳 · 母衣蚊屋
  • noun:
    1. tent-shaped mosquito net (often used to protect infants)


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