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ゆうげん/yuugen/ yuugen/ゆうげん/幽玄
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. subtle grace;  hidden beauty;  yugen;  mysterious profundity;  elegant simplicity;  the subtle and profound;  the occult

ユウ//    ヨウ//    ふか.い/fuka.i/    かす.か/kasu.ka/    くら.い/kura.i/    しろ.い/shiro.i/YUU/ユウ/    YOU/ヨウ/    fuka.i/ふか.い/    kasu.ka/かす.か/    kura.i/くら.い/    shiro.i/しろ.い/

seclude;  confine to a room;  deep;  profound;  secluded;  faint;  dark;  tranquil;  calm


mysterious;  occultness



Additional translation:

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