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やくいん/yakuin/common yakuin/やくいん/common役員

ヤク/YAKU/    エキ/EKI/YAKU/ヤク/    EKI/エキ/

duty;  war;  campaign;  drafted labor;  office;  service;  role


employee;  member;  number;  the one in charge

やくいんかい/yakuinkai/ yakuinkai/やくいんかい/役員会
やくいんほうしゅう/yakuinhoushuu/ yakuinhoushuu/やくいんほうしゅう/役員報酬
  • noun:
    1. officer's compensation or remuneration
やくいんしょうよ/yakuinshouyo/ yakuinshouyo/やくいんしょうよ/役員賞与
  • noun:
    1. directors' bonus;  bonus allowances to company executives;  officers' bonuses



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