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やくめ/yakume/common yakume/やくめ/common役目

ヤク/YAKU/    エキ/EKI/YAKU/ヤク/    EKI/エキ/

duty;  war;  campaign;  drafted labor;  office;  service;  role

モク/MOKU/    ボク/BOKU/    /me/    -め/-me/    ま-/ma-/MOKU/モク/    BOKU/ボク/    me//    -me/-め/    ma-/ま-/

eye;  class;  look;  insight;  experience;  care;  favor

やくめがら/yakumegara/ yakumegara/やくめがら/役目柄
  • noun:
    1. by virtue of one's office;  in the nature of one's duties



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