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しのぶ/shinobu/common shinobu/しのぶ/common忍ぶ

ニン/NIN/    しの.ぶ/shino.bu/    しの.ばせる/shino.baseru/NIN/ニン/    shino.bu/しの.ぶ/    shino.baseru/しの.ばせる/

endure;  bear;  put up with;  conceal;  secrete;  spy;  sneak

しのぶわげ/shinobuwage/ shinobuwage/しのぶわげ/忍髷 · 忍ぶ髷
  • noun:
    1. women's hairstyle (first appearing during the mid-18th century)  —Archaism.



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