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Showing entries with nouns only.
わすれもの/wasuremono/common wasuremono/わすれもの/common忘れ物
わすれがたみ/wasuregatami/ wasuregatami/わすれがたみ/忘れ形見
  • noun:
    1. memento (from a dead person);  souvenir;  keepsake
    2. orphan;  posthumous child
わすれがち/wasuregachi/ wasuregachi/わすれがち/忘れがち · 忘れ勝ち
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. forgetful;  oblivious of;  negligent;  —Usually written using kana alone.
わすれなぐさ/wasurenagusa/ · ワスレナグサ/WASURENAGUSA/ wasurenagusa/わすれなぐさ/ · WASURENAGUSA/ワスレナグサ/忘れな草 · 勿忘草
  • noun:
    1. forget-me-not (esp. the water forget-me-not, Myosotis scorpioides)
わすれんぼう/wasurenbou/ wasurenbou/わすれんぼう/忘れん坊
  • noun:
    1. forgetful person
わすれぐさ/wasuregusa/ wasuregusa/わすれぐさ/忘れ草 · 萱草
  • noun:
    1. Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso (variety of daylily)  —Usually written using kana alone.   藪萱草
    2. tobacco
わすれお/wasureo/ wasureo/わすれお/忘れ緒 · 忘緒
  • noun:
    1. decorative gauze strap that hangs from the front left side of the kohimo when tying closed one's hanpi   小紐
わすれじも/wasurejimo/ wasurejimo/わすれじも/忘れ霜
わすれおうぎ/wasureougi/ wasureougi/わすれおうぎ/忘れ扇
  • noun:
    1. discarded fan (in autumn);  forgotten fan

ボウ//    わす.れる/wasu.reru/BOU/ボウ/    wasu.reru/わす.れる/




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