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ちゅうじつ/chuujitsu/common · まめ/mame/common chuujitsu/ちゅうじつ/common · mame/まめ/common忠実
ちゅうしん/chuushin/common chuushin/ちゅうしん/common忠臣
  • noun:
    1. loyal retainer;  loyal subject
ちゅうせい/chuusei/common chuusei/ちゅうせい/common忠誠
ちゅうこく/chuukoku/common chuukoku/ちゅうこく/common忠告
ちゅうこん/chuukon/common chuukon/ちゅうこん/common忠魂
  • noun:
    1. loyalty;  the loyal dead
ちゅうぎ/chuugi/common chuugi/ちゅうぎ/common忠義
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. loyalty;  devotion
ちゅうこう/chuukou/common chuukou/ちゅうこう/common忠孝
  • noun:
    1. loyalty and filial piety
ちゅうけん/chuuken/common chuuken/ちゅうけん/common忠犬
ちゅうじつさ/chuujitsusa/ chuujitsusa/ちゅうじつさ/忠実さ
  • noun:
    1. fidelity;  faithfulness;  loyalty
ちゅうしんぐら/chuushingura/ chuushingura/ちゅうしんぐら/忠臣蔵
  • noun:
    1. performance or narrative based on the story of the Forty-seven Ronin (esp. the Kanadehon Chushingura, an epic puppet play first performed in 1748)   浄瑠璃
ちゅうぼく/chuuboku/ chuuboku/ちゅうぼく/忠僕
  • noun:
    1. faithful servant
ちゅうきん/chuukin/ chuukin/ちゅうきん/忠勤
ちゅうせつ/chuusetsu/ chuusetsu/ちゅうせつ/忠節
  • noun:
    1. loyalty;  allegiance;  fidelity
ちゅうりょう/chuuryou/ chuuryou/ちゅうりょう/忠良
ちゅうくん/chuukun/ chuukun/ちゅうくん/忠君
  • noun:
    1. loyalty to one's ruler
ちゅうくんあいこく/chuukun'aikoku/ chuukun'aikoku/ちゅうくんあいこく/忠君愛国
  • noun:
    1. loyalty and patriotism
ちゅうげん/chuugen/ chuugen/ちゅうげん/忠言
ちゅうしん/chuushin/ chuushin/ちゅうしん/忠信
  • noun:
    1. faithfulness;  devotion
ちゅうゆう/chuuyuu/ chuuyuu/ちゅうゆう/忠勇
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. loyalty and bravery
ちゅうれつ/chuuretsu/ chuuretsu/ちゅうれつ/忠烈
  • noun:
    1. unswerving loyalty
ちゅうじょ/chuujo/ chuujo/ちゅうじょ/忠恕
  • noun:
    1. sincerity and consideration
ちゅうじゅん/chuujun/ chuujun/ちゅうじゅん/忠純
  • noun:
    1. faithfulness and purity;  unswerving loyalty
ちゅうぎだて/chuugidate/ chuugidate/ちゅうぎだて/忠義立て
  • noun:
    1. loyalty;  loyal deed
ちゅうあい/chuuai/ chuuai/ちゅうあい/忠愛
  • noun:
    1. loyalty;  devotion
ちゅうこんひ/chuukonhi/ chuukonhi/ちゅうこんひ/忠魂碑
  • noun:
    1. monument to the faithful who died in battle


loyalty;  fidelity;  faithfulness

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