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ぐち/guchi/common guchi/ぐち/common愚痴 · 愚癡outdated

/GU/    おろ.か/oro.ka/GU//    oro.ka/おろ.か/

foolish;  folly;  absurdity;  stupid

/CHI/    し.れる/shi.reru/    おろか/oroka/CHI//    shi.reru/し.れる/    oroka/おろか/

stupid;  foolish

ぐちききじぞう/guchikikijizou/ guchikikijizou/ぐちききじぞう/愚痴聞き地蔵
  • noun:
    1. Ksitigarbha (jizo) who listens to people's complaints (statue at the Keihou Temple at Nagoya)



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