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じひ/jihi/common jihi/じひ/common慈悲

/JI/    いつく.しむ/itsuku.shimu/JI//    itsuku.shimu/いつく.しむ/


/HI/    かな.しい/kana.shii/    かな.しむ/kana.shimu/HI//    kana.shii/かな.しい/    kana.shimu/かな.しむ/

grieve;  sad;  deplore;  regret

じひしん/jihishin/ jihishin/じひしん/慈悲心
  • noun:
    1. benevolence
じひさつ/jihisatsu/ jihisatsu/じひさつ/慈悲殺
  • noun:
    1. mercy killing (euthanasia performed to end someone's suffering, but without consent)   安楽死
じひしんちょう/jihishinchou/ · ジヒシンチョウ/JIHISHINCHOU/ jihishinchou/じひしんちょう/ · JIHISHINCHOU/ジヒシンチョウ/慈悲心鳥
  • noun:
    1. Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo (Cuculus fugax);  Horsfield's hawk cuckoo;  —Usually written using kana alone.   じゅういち【十一】[2]



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