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だげき/dageki/common dageki/だげき/common打撃

/DA/    ダアス/DĀSU/    う.つ/u.tsu/    う.ち-/u.chi-/    ぶ.つ/bu.tsu/DA//    DAASU/ダアス/    u.tsu/う.つ/    u.chi-/う.ち-/    bu.tsu/ぶ.つ/

strike;  hit;  knock;  pound;  dozen

ゲキ/GEKI/    う.つ/u.tsu/GEKI/ゲキ/    u.tsu/う.つ/

beat;  attack;  defeat;  conquer

だげきおう/dagekiou/ dagekiou/だげきおう/打撃王
  • noun:
    1. batting champion
だげきりつ/dagekiritsu/ dagekiritsu/だげきりつ/打撃率
  • noun:
    1. batting average
だげきせん/dagekisen/ dagekisen/だげきせん/打撃戦
  • noun:
    1. game with many hits
だげきすう/dagekisuu/ dagekisuu/だげきすう/打撃数
  • noun:
    1. number of blows (used in measuring the b.p.m. of an air hammer, etc.)
    2. (number of) at bats   打数
だげきれんしゅう/dagekirenshuu/ dagekirenshuu/だげきれんしゅう/打撃練習
  • noun:
    1. batting practice (baseball)



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