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すいきょ/suikyo/common suikyo/すいきょ/common推挙

スイ/SUI/    お.す/スイ/お.す/

conjecture;  infer;  guess;  suppose;  support;  push (for)

キョ/KYO/    あ.げる/a.geru/    あ.がる/a.garu/    こぞ.る/キョ/    a.geru/あ.げる/    a.garu/あ.がる/こぞ.る/

raise;  plan;  project;  behavior;  actions

すいきょしき/suikyoshiki/ suikyoshiki/すいきょしき/推挙式
  • noun:
    1. first ring-entering ceremony of the newly promoted grand champion, performed at Meiji shrine



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