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じじ/jiji/common jiji/じじ/common時事
じはん/jihan/common jihan/じはん/common時半
じてん/jiten/common jiten/じてん/common時点
じかん/jikan/common jikan/じかん/common時間
じき/jiki/common jiki/じき/common時期
じだい/jidai/common jidai/じだい/common時代
じか/jika/common jika/じか/common時価
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. current value;  price;  market value
とけい/tokei/common tokei/とけい/common時計 · 土圭
ときはかり/tokihakari/obsolete tokihakari/ときはかり/obsolete時計
じそく/jisoku/common jisoku/じそく/common時速
ときどき/tokidoki/common tokidoki/ときどき/common時々 · 時時 · 時どき
じこく/jikoku/common jikoku/じこく/common時刻
ときおり/tokiori/common tokiori/ときおり/common時折 · 時おり
じげん/jigen/common jigen/じげん/common時限
じこう/jikou/common jikou/じこう/common時効
  • noun:
    1. statute of limitations;  lapse of rights after a period of time;  prescription (including acquisitive and extinctive prescription)
    2. ageing;  aging
じさ/jisa/common jisa/じさ/common時差
じきゅう/jikyuu/common jikyuu/じきゅう/common時給
じき/jiki/common jiki/じき/common時機
じほう/jihou/common jihou/じほう/common時報
  • noun:
    1. announcement of time;  time signal
    2. news report;  newsletter
しぐれ/shigure/common shigure/しぐれ/common時雨
  • noun:
    1. drizzle;  shower in late autumn (fall) or early winter
じりゅう/jiryuu/common jiryuu/じりゅう/common時流
じくう/jikuu/common jikuu/じくう/common時空
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. space-time
じぶん/jibun/common jibun/じぶん/common時分
じひょう/jihyou/common jihyou/じひょう/common時評
  • noun:
    1. commentary on current events
じきょく/jikyoku/common jikyoku/じきょく/common時局
  • noun:
    1. situation
じぎ/jigi/common jigi/じぎ/common時宜
  • noun:
    1. right time;  appropriate time;  season's greetings

/JI/    とき/toki/    -どき/-doki/JI//    toki/とき/    -doki/-どき/

time;  hour

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