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ばくろ/bakuro/common bakuro/ばくろ/common暴露 · 曝露

ボウ//    バク/BAKU/    あば.く/aba.ku/    あば.れる/aba.reru/BOU/ボウ/    BAKU/バク/    aba.ku/あば.く/    aba.reru/あば.れる/

outburst;  rave;  fret;  force;  violence;  cruelty;  outrage

/RO/    ロウ//    つゆ/tsuyu/RO//    ROU/ロウ/    tsuyu/つゆ/

dew;  tears;  expose;  Russia

ばくろせんじゅつ/bakurosenjutsu/ bakurosenjutsu/ばくろせんじゅつ/暴露戦術
  • noun:
    1. exposure tactics;  muckraking tactics
ばくろぼん/bakurobon/ bakurobon/ばくろぼん/暴露本
  • noun:
    1. tell-all book;  revealing book;  kiss-and-tell book;  scandalous book



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