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Showing entries with nouns only.
げっきゅう/gekkyuu/common gekkyuu/げっきゅう/common月給

ゲツ/GETSU/    ガツ/GATSU/    つき/tsuki/GETSU/ゲツ/    GATSU/ガツ/    tsuki/つき/

month;  moon

キュウ/KYŪ/    たま.う/tama.u/    たも.う/tamo.u/    -たま.え/-tama.e/KYUU/キュウ/    tama.u/たま.う/    tamo.u/たも.う/    -tama.e/-たま.え/

salary;  wage;  gift;  allow;  grant;  bestow on

げっきゅうび/gekkyuubi/ gekkyuubi/げっきゅうび/月給日
  • noun:
    1. pay day
げっきゅうとり/gekkyuutori/ gekkyuutori/げっきゅうとり/月給取り
  • noun:
    1. salaried employee
げっきゅうどろぼう/gekkyuudorobou/ gekkyuudorobou/げっきゅうどろぼう/月給泥棒
  • noun:
    1. freeloader;  slacker;  lazy worker who does not deserve his salary



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