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うえん/uen/ uen/うえん/有縁
  • noun with genitive case particle の / noun:
    1. related to the teachings of Buddha;  able to be saved by Buddha;  —Buddhist term.   むえん【無縁】[3]
    2. related;  relevant;   むえん【無縁】[1]

ユウ//    /U/    あ.る/ユウ/    U//あ.る/

possess;  have;  exist;  happen;  occur;  approx

エン/EN/    -ネン/-NEN/    ふち/fuchi/    ふちど.る/    ゆかり/yukari/    よすが/yosuga/    へり/heri/    えにし/enishi/EN/エン/    -NEN/-ネン/    fuchi/ふち/ふちど.る/    yukari/ゆかり/    yosuga/よすが/    heri/へり/    enishi/えにし/

affinity;  relation;  connection;  edge;  border;  verge;  brink



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