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きげん/kigen/common kigen/きげん/common期限

/KI/    /GO/KI//    GO//

period;  time;  date;  term

ゲン/GEN/    かぎ.る/    かぎ.り/kagi.ri/    -かぎ.り/-kagi.ri/GEN/ゲン/かぎ.る/    kagi.ri/かぎ.り/    -kagi.ri/-かぎ.り/

limit;  restrict;  to best of ability

きげんつき/kigentsuki/ kigentsuki/きげんつき/期限付き
  • noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. with a fixed time;  with a deadline
きげんぎれ/kigengire/ kigengire/きげんぎれ/期限切れ
きげんぎれけんさ/kigengirekensa/ kigengirekensa/きげんぎれけんさ/期限切れ検査
  • noun:
    1. expiration check;  retention period check;  —IT term.



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