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もとき/motoki/common motoki/もとき/common本木
  • noun:
    1. original stock

ホン/HON/    もと/moto/HON/ホン/    moto/もと/

book;  present;  main;  origin;  true;  real;  counter for long cylindrical things

ボク/BOKU/    モク/MOKU/    /ki/    こ-/ko-/BOKU/ボク/    MOKU/モク/    ki//    ko-/こ-/

tree;  wood

もときにまさるうらきなし/motokinimasaruurakinashi/ motokinimasaruurakinashi/もときにまさるうらきなし/本木にまさる末木なし
  • expression:
    1. try though one might, it's impossible to replace one's first love  —Obscure term.



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