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Showing entries with nouns only.
ふだ/fuda/common fuda/ふだ/common
さつ/satsu/common satsu/さつ/common

サツ/SATSU/    ふだ/fuda/SATSU/サツ/    fuda/ふだ/

tag;  paper money;  counter for bonds;  placard;  bid

にゅうさつ/nyuusatsu/common nyuusatsu/にゅうさつ/common入札
きりふだ/kirifuda/common kirifuda/きりふだ/common切り札 · 切札
にふだ/nifuda/common nifuda/にふだ/common荷札
かいさつぐち/kaisatsuguchi/common kaisatsuguchi/かいさつぐち/common改札口
らくさつ/rakusatsu/common rakusatsu/らくさつ/common落札
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. having one's bid accepted (e.g. for contract);  bid award;  winning a tender
たてふだ/tatefuda/common tatefuda/たてふだ/common立て札 · 立札
  • noun:
    1. notice;  sign (on a post);  bulletin board
かいさつ/kaisatsu/common kaisatsu/かいさつ/common改札
せんえんさつ/sen'ensatsu/common sen'ensatsu/せんえんさつ/common千円札
きょうそうにゅうさつ/kyousounyuusatsu/common kyousounyuusatsu/きょうそうにゅうさつ/common競争入札
  • noun:
    1. competitive bidding (esp. for government contracts)
なふだ/nafuda/common nafuda/なふだ/common名札
さつたば/satsutaba/common satsutaba/さつたば/common札束
おうさつ/ousatsu/common ousatsu/おうさつ/common応札
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. bid
ひょうさつ/hyousatsu/common hyousatsu/ひょうさつ/common表札 · 標札
  • noun:
    1. nameplate;  doorplate
おさつ/osatsu/ osatsu/おさつ/お札
ドルさつ/DORUsatsu/ DORUsatsu/ドルさつ/ドル札
  • noun:
    1. dollar bill
いちえんさつ/ichiensatsu/ ichiensatsu/いちえんさつ/一円札
  • noun:
    1. one-yen bill
いっさつ/issatsu/ issatsu/いっさつ/一札
  • noun:
    1. document;  bond
さげふだ/sagefuda/ sagefuda/さげふだ/下げ札
  • noun:
    1. tag;  label
はなふだ/hanafuda/ hanafuda/はなふだ/花札
  • noun:
    1. floral playing cards;  Japanese playing cards (12 suits of 4 cards, each suit repr. a month indic. by a flower)
かいさつはさみ/kaisatsuhasami/ kaisatsuhasami/かいさつはさみ/改札鋏
  • noun:
    1. ticket punch
かんさつ/kansatsu/ kansatsu/かんさつ/鑑札
  • noun:
    1. licence;  license;  permit
けんさつ/kensatsu/ kensatsu/けんさつ/検札
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. ticket check
あいふだ/aifuda/ aifuda/あいふだ/合い札
  • noun:
    1. check

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