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はしら/hashira/common hashira/はしら/common
ちゅう/chuu/ · /ji/ chuu/ちゅう/ · ji//
じゅう/juu/ juu/じゅう/

チュウ/CHŪ/    はしら/hashira/CHUU/チュウ/    hashira/はしら/

pillar;  post;  cylinder;  support

でんちゅう/denchuu/common denchuu/でんちゅう/common電柱
しちゅう/shichuu/common shichuu/しちゅう/common支柱
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. prop;  brace;  fulcrum
だいこくばしら/daikokubashira/common daikokubashira/だいこくばしら/common大黒柱
  • noun:
    1. central pillar (of a building)
    2. mainstay (e.g. of an economy);  backbone (e.g. of a family);  provider;  main man
えんちゅう/enchuu/common enchuu/えんちゅう/common円柱
まるばしら/marubashira/ marubashira/まるばしら/円柱 · 丸柱
ひばしら/hibashira/common hibashira/ひばしら/common火柱
  • noun:
    1. pillar of fire;  blazing column
つらら/tsurara/ · ひょうちゅう/hyouchuu/common tsurara/つらら/ · hyouchuu/ひょうちゅう/common氷柱
  • noun:
    1. icicle
    2. ひょうちゅうice pillar
    3. つららice  —Archaism.
もんちゅう/monchuu/common monchuu/もんちゅう/common門柱
てっちゅう/tecchuu/common tecchuu/てっちゅう/common鉄柱
  • noun:
    1. iron pole
かばしら/kabashira/ kabashira/かばしら/蚊柱
  • noun:
    1. mosquito swarm
かいばしら/kaibashira/ kaibashira/かいばしら/貝柱
  • noun:
    1. adductor muscle   閉殻筋
    2. adductor muscle of a bivalve (e.g. scallop, etc.)  —Food term.
まきばしら/makibashira/ makibashira/まきばしら/巻柱
  • noun:
    1. gold-covered woodwork at a temple in Hiraizumi
こんちゅう/konchuu/ konchuu/こんちゅう/魂柱
  • noun:
    1. sound post (violin, etc.)
しゃかくちゅう/shakakuchuu/ shakakuchuu/しゃかくちゅう/斜角柱
  • noun:
    1. oblique prism
ひとばしら/hitobashira/ hitobashira/ひとばしら/人柱
  • noun:
    1. human pillar;  human sacrifice
すいぎんちゅう/suiginchuu/ suiginchuu/すいぎんちゅう/水銀柱
  • noun:
    1. column of mercury
みずばしら/mizubashira/ · すいちゅう/suichuu/ mizubashira/みずばしら/ · suichuu/すいちゅう/水柱
  • noun:
    1. column of water;  water column
しもばしら/shimobashira/ shimobashira/しもばしら/霜柱
  • noun:
    1. frost columns;  ice needles
ちゃばしら/chabashira/ chabashira/ちゃばしら/茶柱
  • noun:
    1. auspicious sign (a tea stalk floating erect in one's cup)
なかばしら/nakabashira/ nakabashira/なかばしら/中柱
  • noun:
    1. middle pillar
はしらどけい/hashiradokei/ hashiradokei/はしらどけい/柱時計
  • noun:
    1. wall clock
ちゅうせき/chuuseki/ chuuseki/ちゅうせき/柱石
  • noun:
    1. pillar;  cornerstone
ちゅうとう/chuutou/ chuutou/ちゅうとう/柱頭
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. capital of column
    2. stigma (the top of the pistil in plants)

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