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けんとう/kentou/common kentou/けんとう/common検討

ケン/KEN/    しら.べる/shira.beru/KEN/ケン/    shira.beru/しら.べる/

examination;  investigate

トウ//    う.つ/u.tsu/TOU/トウ/    u.tsu/う.つ/

chastise;  attack;  defeat;  destroy;  conquer

けんとういいんかい/kentouiinkai/ kentouiinkai/けんとういいんかい/検討委員会
  • noun:
    1. investigative commission
けんとうかい/kentoukai/ kentoukai/けんとうかい/検討会
  • noun:
    1. investigative commission
けんとうちゅう/kentouchuu/ kentouchuu/けんとうちゅう/検討中
  • noun:
    1. under investigation;  under consideration;  under review;  pending (decision, etc.);  awaiting verification
けんとうけっか/kentoukekka/ kentoukekka/けんとうけっか/検討結果
  • noun:
    1. results of an investigation  —IT term.
けんとうたいしょう/kentoutaishou/ kentoutaishou/けんとうたいしょう/検討対象
  • noun:
    1. subject of an investigation;  object being examined
けんとうず/kentouzu/ kentouzu/けんとうず/検討図
  • noun:
    1. draft (drawing, plan, etc.)
けんとうさぎょう/kentousagyou/ kentousagyou/けんとうさぎょう/検討作業
  • noun:
    1. review work;  study;  investigation



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