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Showing entries with nouns only.
ぎょうせき/gyouseki/common gyouseki/ぎょうせき/common業績

ギョウ/GYŌ/    ゴウ//    わざ/waza/GYOU/ギョウ/    GOU/ゴウ/    waza/わざ/

business;  vocation;  arts;  performance


exploits;  unreeling cocoons

ぎょうせきあっか/gyousekiakka/ gyousekiakka/ぎょうせきあっか/業績悪化
ぎょうせきかほうしゅうせい/gyousekikahoushuusei/ gyousekikahoushuusei/ぎょうせきかほうしゅうせい/業績下方修正
  • noun:
    1. profit warning
ぎょうせきみとおし/gyousekimitooshi/ gyousekimitooshi/ぎょうせきみとおし/業績見通し
  • noun:
    1. earnings estimates (forecast, outlook, projection)
ぎょうせきしょうよ/gyousekishouyo/ gyousekishouyo/ぎょうせきしょうよ/業績賞与
  • noun:
    1. performance bonus
ぎょうせきよそう/gyousekiyosou/ gyousekiyosou/ぎょうせきよそう/業績予想
  • noun:
    1. earnings forecast (outlook, projection)
ぎょうせきふしん/gyousekifushin/ gyousekifushin/ぎょうせきふしん/業績不振
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. poor business performance;  economic slump
ぎょうせきしゅぎ/gyousekishugi/ gyousekishugi/ぎょうせきしゅぎ/業績主義
  • noun:
    1. meritocracy;  performance-based system;  achievement-based system
ぎょうせきれんどうはらい/gyousekirendouharai/ gyousekirendouharai/ぎょうせきれんどうはらい/業績連動払い
  • noun:
    1. performance-based pay;  achievement-based pay;  payment linked to performance



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