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/shi/common shi//common

/SHI/    し.ぬ/    し.に-/し.ぬ/し.に-/

death;  die

にし/nishi/common nishi/にし/common二死
  • noun:
    1. two out (e.g. in baseball);  two down (and one to go)
しご/shigo/common shigo/しご/common死後
むし/mushi/common mushi/むし/common無死
  • noun:
    1. baseball with no outs
ししゃ/shisha/common shisha/ししゃ/common死者
のうし/noushi/common noushi/のうし/common脳死
しいん/shiin/common shiin/しいん/common死因
しぼう/shibou/common shibou/しぼう/common死亡
しきょ/shikyo/common shikyo/しきょ/common死去
しけい/shikei/common shikei/しけい/common死刑
ひっし/hisshi/common hisshi/ひっし/common必死
ししょうしゃ/shishousha/common shishousha/ししょうしゃ/common死傷者
したい/shitai/common shitai/したい/common死体 · 屍体
しきゅう/shikyuu/common shikyuu/しきゅう/common死球
  • noun:
    1. hit a batter by pitching a ball (baseball)
しぼうりつ/shibouritsu/common shibouritsu/しぼうりつ/common死亡率
うえじに/uejini/common · かつえじに/katsuejini/ uejini/うえじに/common · katsuejini/かつえじに/飢え死に · 餓え死に · 飢死に · 飢え死irregular · 飢死irregular · 饑死irregular
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. (death from) starvation;  starving to death;  —Sensitive.   がし【餓死】
あんらくし/anrakushi/common anrakushi/あんらくし/common安楽死
  • noun:
    1. euthanasia
かしつちし/kashitsuchishi/common kashitsuchishi/かしつちし/common過失致死
  • noun:
    1. involuntary manslaughter;  accidental homicide;  negligent homicide
せいし/seishi/common · しょうし/shoushi/ · しょうじ/shouji/ seishi/せいし/common · shoushi/しょうし/ · shouji/しょうじ/生死
しょうし/shoushi/common shoushi/しょうし/common焼死
しけいしゅう/shikeishuu/common shikeishuu/しけいしゅう/common死刑囚
しぼうしゃ/shibousha/common shibousha/しぼうしゃ/common死亡者
  • noun:
    1. the deceased;  deaths;  persons killed
せんし/senshi/common senshi/せんし/common戦死
ししきゅう/shishikyuu/common shishikyuu/ししきゅう/common四死球
  • noun:
    1. four dead balls (baseball)
びょうし/byoushi/common byoushi/びょうし/common病死
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. death from disease;  death from illness

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