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ちゅういをおこたる/chuuiwookotaru/ chuuiwookotaru/ちゅういをおこたる/注意を怠る
  • expression / godan る verb → conjugation:
    1. to be off one's guard

チュウ/CHŪ/    そそ.ぐ/    さ.す/    つ.ぐ/チュウ/そそ.ぐ/さ.す/つ.ぐ/

pour;  irrigate;  shed (tears);  flow into;  concentrate on;  notes;  comment;  annotate


idea;  mind;  heart;  taste;  thought;  desire;  care;  liking

タイ/TAI/    おこた.る/    なま.ける/nama.keru/TAI/タイ/おこた.る/    nama.keru/なま.ける/

neglect;  laziness



Additional translation:

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