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しかれば/shikareba/ · されば/sareba/ shikareba/しかれば/ · sareba/されば/然れば
  • conjunction:
    1. that being the case;  therefore;  so;  —Usually written using kana alone.  Archaism.
    2. しかればwell then, moving on to another topic...
    3. (expressing surprise) ...on earth?
  • interjection:
    1. that's right

ゼン/ZEN/    ネン/NEN/    しか/shika/    しか.り/shika.ri/    しか.し/shika.shi/    /sa/ZEN/ゼン/    NEN/ネン/    shika/しか/    shika.ri/しか.り/    shika.shi/しか.し/    sa//

sort of thing;  so;  if so;  in that case;  well

さればこそ/sarebakoso/ sarebakoso/さればこそ/然ればこそ
  • expression:
    1. as expected;  just as I thought it would;  that is exactly why...;  —Usually written using kana alone.  Archaism.



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