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Showing entries with nouns only.
ぼくし/bokushi/common bokushi/ぼくし/common牧師

ボク/BOKU/    まき/maki/BOKU/ボク/    maki/まき/

breed;  care for;  shepherd;  feed;  pasture

/SHI/    /SU/    もろもろ/moromoro/    なら.う/nara.u/SHI//    SU//    moromoro/もろもろ/    nara.u/なら.う/

expert;  teacher;  master;  model;  exemplar;  army (incl. counter);  war

ぼくしかん/bokushikan/ bokushikan/ぼくしかん/牧師館
  • noun:
    1. parsonage;  rectory;  vicarage



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