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きつねがおちる/kitsunegaochiru/ kitsunegaochiru/きつねがおちる/狐が落ちる
  • expression / ichidan verb → conjugation:
    1. to cease being possessed (by the spirit of a fox);  to be released from the grasp of the fox spirit;  to be exorcised from the fox spirit

/KO/    きつね/kitsune/KO//    kitsune/きつね/


ラク/RAKU/    お.ちる/o.chiru/    お.ち/o.chi/    お.とす/o.tosu/RAKU/ラク/    o.chiru/お.ちる/    o.chi/お.ち/    o.tosu/お.とす/

fall;  drop;  come down;  village;  hamlet



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