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きゅうじょう/kyuujou/common kyuujou/きゅうじょう/common球場
きゅうだん/kyuudan/common kyuudan/きゅうだん/common球団
  • noun:
    1. baseball team
きゅうい/kyuui/common kyuui/きゅうい/common球威
  • noun:
    1. (pitcher's) stuff
きゅうかい/kyuukai/common kyuukai/きゅうかい/common球界
  • noun:
    1. the baseball world
きゅうぎ/kyuugi/common kyuugi/きゅうぎ/common球技
きゅうきん/kyuukin/common kyuukin/きゅうきん/common球菌
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. coccus
きゅうそく/kyuusoku/common kyuusoku/きゅうそく/common球速
  • noun:
    1. speed of a pitched ball;  (pitcher's) pace
きゅうけい/kyuukei/common kyuukei/きゅうけい/common球形
きゅうこん/kyuukon/common kyuukon/きゅうこん/common球根
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. (plant) bulb
きゅうしん/kyuushin/common kyuushin/きゅうしん/common球審
  • noun:
    1. baseball chief umpire
きゅうたい/kyuutai/common kyuutai/きゅうたい/common球体
きゅうじょう/kyuujou/common kyuujou/きゅうじょう/common球状
  • noun:
    1. shape of a globe;  globe shape
  • noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. spherical
きゅうぎ/kyuugi/ kyuugi/きゅうぎ/球戯
  • noun:
    1. billiards
きゅうけい/kyuukei/ kyuukei/きゅうけい/球茎
  • noun:
    1. corm
きゅうめん/kyuumen/ kyuumen/きゅうめん/球面
  • noun:
    1. spherical surface
きゅうえん/kyuuen/ kyuuen/きゅうえん/球宴
  • noun:
    1. baseball all-star game
きゅうでん/kyuuden/ kyuuden/きゅうでん/球電
  • noun:
    1. ball lightning
きゅうしゅ/kyuushu/ kyuushu/きゅうしゅ/球種
  • noun:
    1. variey of pitches (in baseball)

キュウ/KYŪ/    たま/tama/KYUU/キュウ/    tama/たま/

ball;  sphere


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