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ひゃっか/hyakka/common hyakka/ひゃっか/common百科
  • noun:
    1. many objects (for study)
    2. encyclopedia;  encyclopaedia;  —Abbreviation.   百科事典

ヒャク/HYAKU/    ビャク/BYAKU/    もも/momo/HYAKU/ヒャク/    BYAKU/ビャク/    momo/もも/



department;  course;  section

ひゃっかじてん/hyakkajiten/common hyakkajiten/ひゃっかじてん/common百科事典 · 百科辞典
ひゃっかぜんしょ/hyakkazensho/common hyakkazensho/ひゃっかぜんしょ/common百科全書
  • noun:
    1. encyclopedia
    2. Diderot's "Encyclopedie universelle des arts et sciences"
ひゃっかぜんしょは/hyakkazenshoha/ hyakkazenshoha/ひゃっかぜんしょは/百科全書派
  • noun:
    1. the Encyclopedists
ひゃっかじしょ/hyakkajisho/ hyakkajisho/ひゃっかじしょ/百科辞書



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