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めかくし/mekakushi/common mekakushi/めかくし/common目隠し

モク/MOKU/    ボク/BOKU/    /me/    -め/-me/    ま-/ma-/MOKU/モク/    BOKU/ボク/    me//    -me/-め/    ma-/ま-/

eye;  class;  look;  insight;  experience;  care;  favor

イン/IN/    オン/ON/    かく.す/    かく.し/kaku.shi/    かく.れる/kaku.reru/    かか.す/    よ.る/イン/    ON/オン/かく.す/    kaku.shi/かく.し/    kaku.reru/かく.れる/かか.す/よ.る/

conceal;  hide;  cover

めかくしぶき/mekakushibuki/ mekakushibuki/めかくしぶき/目隠し葺き
  • noun:
    1. tiles used to cover nail holes in cypress bark roofing for the purpose of waterproofing
めかくしおに/mekakushioni/ mekakushioni/めかくしおに/目隠し鬼
  • noun:
    1. game of (blindfolded) tag similar to the children's swimming pool game "Marco Polo"



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