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しゃない/shanai/common shanai/しゃない/common社内
しゃかい/shakai/common shakai/しゃかい/common社会
しゃちょう/shachou/common shachou/しゃちょう/common社長
しゃいん/shain/common shain/しゃいん/common社員
しゃさい/shasai/common shasai/しゃさい/common社債
しゃそう/shasou/common shasou/しゃそう/common社葬
  • noun:
    1. company funeral
しゃめい/shamei/common shamei/しゃめい/common社名
  • noun:
    1. name of company
しゃせつ/shasetsu/common shasetsu/しゃせつ/common社説
しゃたく/shataku/common shataku/しゃたく/common社宅
  • noun:
    1. company owned house
しゃがい/shagai/common shagai/しゃがい/common社外
しゃこう/shakou/common shakou/しゃこう/common社交
しゃこく/shakoku/common shakoku/しゃこく/common社告
  • noun:
    1. (company) announcement
しゃおく/shaoku/common shaoku/しゃおく/common社屋
しゃふう/shafuu/common shafuu/しゃふう/common社風
しゃしゅ/shashu/common shashu/しゃしゅ/common社主
  • noun:
    1. company head or owner
しゃぎょう/shagyou/common shagyou/しゃぎょう/common社業
  • noun:
    1. company's business
しゃよう/shayou/common shayou/しゃよう/common社用
  • noun:
    1. company business
しゃでん/shaden/common shaden/しゃでん/common社殿
  • noun:
    1. (main building of a) Shinto shrine
しゃちゅう/shachuu/common shachuu/しゃちゅう/common社中
  • noun:
    1. in a company;  troupe
しゃし/shashi/common shashi/しゃし/common社史
  • noun:
    1. history of a company
しゃじ/shaji/common shaji/しゃじ/common社寺
  • noun:
    1. shrines and temples
しゃうん/shaun/common shaun/しゃうん/common社運
  • noun:
    1. company fortunes
しゃしょう/shashou/common shashou/しゃしょう/common社章
  • noun:
    1. company badge
しゃむ/shamu/common shamu/しゃむ/common社務
  • noun:
    1. company business;  clerical work at a shrine
しゃだん/shadan/common shadan/しゃだん/common社団
  • noun:
    1. corporation;  association

シャ/SHA/    やしろ/yashiro/SHA/シャ/    yashiro/やしろ/

company;  firm;  office;  association;  shrine

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