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Showing entries with nouns only.
たてまえ/tatemae/common tatemae/たてまえ/common建て前 · 建前 · 立て前 · 立前 · 点て前 · 点前
てまえ/temae/ temae/てまえ/点前
たてふだ/tatefuda/common tatefuda/たてふだ/common立て札 · 立札
  • noun:
    1. notice;  sign (on a post);  bulletin board
たてつづけ/tatetsuduke/common tatetsuduke/たてつづけ/common立て続け · たて続け
たてかえ/tatekae/common tatekae/たてかえ/common立て替え · 立替え · 立替irregular
  • noun:
    1. paying for someone else;  payment made for someone else
たてかんばん/tatekanban/common tatekanban/たてかんばん/common立て看板
  • noun:
    1. billboard
たてしゃかい/tateshakai/ tateshakai/たてしゃかい/縦社会 · 立て社会
  • noun:
    1. vertically structured society
たてつけ/tatetsuke/ tatetsuke/たてつけ/立て付け
  • noun:
    1. way a door fits
たていし/tateishi/ tateishi/たていし/立て石
  • noun:
    1. milestone;  standing stone
たてぎょうじ/tategyouji/ tategyouji/たてぎょうじ/立て行司 · 立行司
  • noun:
    1. head referee  —Sumo term.
たてこう/tatekou/ tatekou/たてこう/立坑 · 竪坑 · 立て坑 · 縦坑
  • noun:
    1. shaft (e.g. in a mine);  pit
たてやくしゃ/tateyakusha/ tateyakusha/たてやくしゃ/立て役者 · 立役者
  • noun:
    1. leading actor;  person who acts as driving force behind something;  key figure;  leading spirit;  central figure
たてつぼ/tatetsubo/ tatetsubo/たてつぼ/立て坪
  • noun:
    1. unit of measurement, about 1.8 meters cubed
たてもの/tatemono/ tatemono/たてもの/立て物
  • noun:
    1. leading actor
たてかえきん/tatekaekin/ tatekaekin/たてかえきん/立替金 · 立て替え金 · 立替え金
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. (cash) advance;  payment ahead of time
たてひざ/tatehiza/ tatehiza/たてひざ/立て膝 · 立膝
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. sitting with one knee drawn up
たてがたピアノ/tategataPIANO/ tategataPIANO/たてがたピアノ/立て型ピアノ
  • noun:
    1. upright piano
たてやく/tateyaku/ tateyaku/たてやく/立役 · 立て役
  • noun:
    1. leading actor;  protagonist
たてこもり/tatekomori/ tatekomori/たてこもり/立てこもり · 立て篭り · 立て籠り · 楯籠り
  • noun:
    1. shutting oneself in (one's room, etc.)
    2. barricading oneself in (a fort, etc.) while being besieged
たてなおし/tatenaoshi/ tatenaoshi/たてなおし/立て直し · 立直し
  • noun:
    1. revamping;  reshaping;  rearranging;  reorganizing
たてばんこ/tatebanko/ tatebanko/たてばんこ/立版古 · 立て版古
  • noun:
    1. papercraft sculpture representing a scene akin to a painting
たてがみ/tategami/ tategami/たてがみ/立髪 · 立て髪
  • noun:
    1. long hair style popular in the Genroku era

リツ/RITSU/    リュウ/RYŪ/    リットル/RITTORU/    た.つ/ta.tsu/    -た.つ/-ta.tsu/    た.ち-/ta.chi-/    た.てる/ta.teru/    -た.てる/-ta.teru/    た.て-/ta.te-/    たて-/tate-/    -た.て/-ta.te/    -だ.て/-da.te/    -だ.てる/-da.teru/RITSU/リツ/    RYUU/リュウ/    RITTORU/リットル/    ta.tsu/た.つ/    -ta.tsu/-た.つ/    ta.chi-/た.ち-/    ta.teru/た.てる/    -ta.teru/-た.てる/    ta.te-/た.て-/    tate-/たて-/    -ta.te/-た.て/    -da.te/-だ.て/    -da.teru/-だ.てる/

stand up;  rise;  set up;  erect



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