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せつ/setsu/common setsu/せつ/common
ふし/fushi/common fushi/ふし/common
のっと/notto/ · ノット/NOTTO/ notto/のっと/ · NOTTO/ノット/ ·
ぶし/bushi/ bushi/ぶし/
/yo/ yo//

セツ/SETSU/    セチ/SECHI/    ふし/fushi/    -ぶし/-bushi/    のっと/notto/SETSU/セツ/    SECHI/セチ/    fushi/ふし/    -bushi/-ぶし/    notto/のっと/

node;  season;  period;  occasion;  verse;  clause;  stanza;  honor;  joint;  knuckle;  knob;  knot;  tune;  melody

きせつ/kisetsu/common kisetsu/きせつ/common季節
ふしめ/fushime/common fushime/ふしめ/common節目
フシめ/FUSHIme/ FUSHIme/フシめ/フシ目
しせつ/shisetsu/common shisetsu/しせつ/common使節
おせっかい/osekkai/common osekkai/おせっかい/commonお節介 · 御節介
おせちりょうり/osechiryouri/common osechiryouri/おせちりょうり/commonお節料理 · 御節料理 · おせち料理
せつやく/setsuyaku/common setsuyaku/せつやく/common節約
かんせつ/kansetsu/common kansetsu/かんせつ/common関節
ちょうせつ/chousetsu/common chousetsu/ちょうせつ/common調節
いっせつ/issetsu/common · ひとふし/hitofushi/ issetsu/いっせつ/common · hitofushi/ひとふし/一節
せつげん/setsugen/common setsugen/せつげん/common節減
せつど/setsudo/common setsudo/せつど/common節度
けずりぶし/kezuribushi/common kezuribushi/けずりぶし/common削り節
  • noun:
    1. flaked bonito
せっく/sekku/common sekku/せっく/common節句 · 節供
  • noun:
    1. seasonal festival
せっすい/sessui/common sessui/せっすい/common節水
ぜんせつ/zensetsu/common zensetsu/ぜんせつ/common前節
  • noun:
    1. preceding paragraph, section, or verse
へんせつ/hensetsu/common hensetsu/へんせつ/common変節
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. apostasy;  betrayal
せつぶん/setsubun/common · せちぶん/sechibun/obsolete · せちぶ/sechibu/obsolete setsubun/せつぶん/common · sechibun/せちぶん/obsolete · sechibu/せちぶ/obsolete節分
  • noun:
    1. last day of winter in the traditional Japanese calendar (usually February 3 or 4);  holiday for end of winter (accompanied by a bean scattering ceremony)
    2. last day of any season (according to the traditional Japanese calendar)  —Original meaning.
なにわぶし/naniwabushi/common naniwabushi/なにわぶし/common浪花節
  • noun:
    1. naniwabushi;  var. of sung narrative popular during the Edo period
せっそう/sessou/common sessou/せっそう/common節操
  • noun:
    1. constancy;  integrity;  honor;  honour
    2. chastity;  fidelity
せつでん/setsuden/common setsuden/せつでん/common節電
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. conservation of electricity;  brownout

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