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ゆるむ/yurumu/common yurumu/ゆるむ/common緩む · 弛む
  • godan む verb → conjugation / intransitive:
    1. to become loose;  to slacken (e.g. rope)
    2. to become less tense;  to relax;  to let one's guard down
    3. to slacken (e.g. coldness, supervision);  to become lax
    4. to become softer (e.g. ground, facial expression);  (of ice) to partially melt
    5. to decrease (e.g. speed)
    6. (of a market price) to go down slightly

カン/KAN/    ゆる.い/yuru.i/    ゆる.やか/yuru.yaka/    ゆる.む/    ゆる.める/yuru.meru/KAN/カン/    yuru.i/ゆる.い/    yuru.yaka/ゆる.やか/ゆる.む/    yuru.meru/ゆる.める/

slacken;  loosen;  relax;  lessen;  be moderate;  ease



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